Advanced Consulting

We offer advanced consulting services tailored to data provided from your organizational change domain.  This can be conducted via remote communication mechanisms, e.g., email, phone, and Skype.

Such advanced consulting can cover but is not limited to the following topics

  • How to make your change sponsorship most effective
  • OCM Best Practices recommended for different types of change projects e.g.,  organizational restructuring versus new system implementation
  • Aligning your OCM with an Agile framework
  • Enhancing your impact analysis to increased levels of in-depth assessment.
  • Making your resistance management effective
  • Making the best use of your POTI blueprint
  • Advice on resourcing for change management
  • Change maturity assessment
  •  Post implementation review and support
  • The who, what and how of effective change communication
  • Creating effective communication artefacts
  • How to make your training more effective
  • Strategic alignment of concurrent and related change projects
  • API Integration of your OCM SUCCESS instance with other software services as required

Please contact us for a consulting quote.