Our Offerings

Our product OCM Success will support and assist change managers and change analysts who seek to achieve the following:

Conduct Impact Analysis

Conduct impact analysis on a significant business case that is approved for delivery. Such impacts include business, technology, operational and structural impacts.

Identify Strategy

Identify a strategy of change management including communication to stakeholders and affected parties to obtain their support.

Map Business Benefits

Prepare a report on Business Benefits mapped to Affected Parties.

Depict Detailed Vision

Depict a detailed vision of what an organization looks like when a change is being implemented or has been successfully implemented.

Create Communication Plan

Create and deliver a communication plan of informing relevant stakeholders.

Create Change Management Plan

Create a comprehensive change management plan.

Create Training Plan

Create and deliver a training plan of all users of the new technology.

Ensure Business Objectives

Ensure that the business objectives of rolling out the new technology are fully met within the organization.

Manage Resistance to Change

Minimize resistance to change with root cause analysis and a structured change management approach.

Build Effective Change Sponsorship

Assist your leaders to become visible sponsors of the change and to demonstrate why the change is needed.